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Stow Slim Case in Raven Black

  • $20.00
  • $50.00

Ready for a stash case that's ready to fly first class? 

This premium leather smell-proof case keeps your goods undetected, safe and handsome. With a 5 layer scent-conceal system, sealed seams, a high stitch count and a wide airtight rubberized zipper, you'll be the only one who knows what's inside.

Raven Black is a pebbled, top-grain leather that's super soft and will only get more supple over time. The scent-conceal tech inside provides padding and smell proofing, made up of five layers of non-toxic, activated carbon and non-woven filters, plus a rigid hard shell so your stuff doesn't get crushed. The case also has three elastic bands stitched in so you can keep accessories and prerolls securely in place.

Size: 3 in. wide x 1.25 in. thick x 5.5 in. long; easily fits lighter, king sized papers, your bud, and a one hitter or slim e-pipe.

As an independent, Brooklyn-based designer, Marc Littlejohn was surprised at the lack of options out there for carrying odiferous products. With decades of experience creating innovative products, Marc set out too create smell proof containers that are discreet and elegant. With a laser-focus on high quality production and functionality, Littlejohn New York was born to fill this niche.