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Sweets Chillum

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Green Apple
Blood Orange
Mint Chip Sparkle

The Sweets Chillum is handheld glass smokeware at its finest. Handcrafted with jewel-like colors, transparent and shimmering effects, glass dotted with minuscule decorative bubbles and razor-thin black accents, the Sweets are a marvel. With a simple, stylish form and a generous bowl at 6/8" deep, this will make even the most discerning bud lover very happy.

Diameter: 5/8 inch; Length: 3 3/8 inch.Each has a tiny signature etched in by the artist.

Andy Roth is an accomplished glass artist and designer based out of Sacramento, CA. With a passion for craft and design, he has created a line of modern and vintage-style pipes and jewelry.