The Nebula Tray in Birgit Blue by House of Puff

The Nebula Tray in Birgit Blue The Nebula Tray in Birgit Blue

The Nebula Tray in Birgit Blue

by House of Puff


Need a hand? The Nebula Tray holds your rolling paper so you can do the rest with ease.

It's not that you can't roll a j without this sweet mini tray, you just won't want to! Position the crease of your rolling papers in the dip of the tray, sprinkle in your mix, and the Nebula will keep it nicely in the middle of your paper until you've sealed it up tight.

Inspired by rolling trays in Amsterdam coffeeshops, the Nebula Tray looks fabulous on your tabletop when you're not using it, and can double as a unique ashtray due to its non-toxic glaze.

This design-forward ceramic piece has a modernist feel that's softened by the handmade nature of the porcelain and glaze. In a palette that celebrates the work of women artists, the Birgit Blue ceramic rolling tray is also available in Mickalene Marigold and Remedios Ruby.

Size: 4 ¼ inches long x 1 ¾ inches wide, 1 inch tall. Fits papers from 1 ¼ up to king size.

Materials: Porcelain, non-toxic glaze.

Weight: ~4.25 oz.

Made: by an individual artist in California exclusively for House of Puff

Each tray has a gloss finish, with exposed (unglazed) feet on the underside, and a stamped logomark. Please expect minor variances and inclusions on these crafted objects!

NYC-born House of Puff makes smoking accoutrements for the modern woman. With designs inspired by art and fashion, the women behind the brand want to destigmatize their use in the contexts of motherhood and career so we can celebrate, not shame.