Wake 'n Bake Set by Cloud Commons

Wake 'n Bake Set Wake 'n Bake Set

Wake 'n Bake Set

by Cloud Commons


Petite bong, roomy mug, and giant cereal bowl...what more could you need for a better morning routine?

Set: Eggshell-hued clay with bands of hand painted black glaze, clear gloss finish, raw bases, and small makers mark stamp on side of each piece.

Bong: 5.5 inches tall, 5.5 inch diameter at base, 2 inch mouth piece. Integrated glass down stem and bowl with silicone o-rings.  22 oz in weight. 

Mug: Just under 3 inches tall. 4.5 inches wide at base, 3.5 inches at top, plus 2 inch wide handle. 14.5 oz in weight. Holds 12 oz of liquid.

Bowl: 3.5 inches tall, 3.5 inch base, and 7 inches wide at top. Weighs 18 oz. 

Cloud Commons is helmed by Tom & Mel, Brooklyn based artists and designers who decided it was time to change their lives for the healthier and happier. Mel makes each piece by hand in small batches, allowing for lots of experimentation and play with scale and form.